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Sunroof  VS  Moonroof

- What's the difference?

A Sunroof is a sliding piece of metal , usually, that tilts/retracts to let light and air into the car.

A Moonroof is a Sunroof with a tinted piece of glass instead of a piece of metal, letting light threw even when it is closed.

Installation and full service of all Sunroofs/Moonroofs, including original equipment. Whether its a Sunroof/Moonroof from the factory, or an aftermarket install, we can service your vehicle for the best possible Sunroof/Moonroof experience. Don't have a Sunroof/Moonroof? Come in and we can show you the different styles we have and give you a quote to install a new one in your vehicle! We offer all types and styles of open air products from all the leading manufacturers worldwide.

We stock and install Sunroofs from: