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        Accidents always lead to the blame game, save yourself any post-accident legal headaches with video evidence. A Dashcam records video while the car is on, and can tag "accidents" in the video, by feeling for any large shocks generated from a crash.

       Additionally, a Dashcam can also help while your not even in your car. Providing visual security, the camera can record and movement around your car while it is off,  to help in any burglaries to your car, or a hit and run.

We install small fleet GPS systems to allow you to monitor and track your vehicles as they are out working. Weather they are running, parked, or how fast they are going, all of this information can be available to you 24/7, helping you manage your fleet, and minimize wasted resources, like long idle times.

We offer a variety of sensor and security systems allowing you to tailor the system to your needs and desires. Shock sensors, proximity sensors, and noise sensors are just some of the options we supply you with to truly secure your vehicle. With the addition of a 2-way remote, not only will your car alarm go off, but your remote will also beep, telling you that the car alarm is going off.